My Top Ten Favorite Apps (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

My Top Ten Favorite Apps (FREE DOWNLOAD!)



I often get asked by photographers and creatives what are my favorite apps for my iPhone. And while I like to use my phone with intention, there are some incredible apps you can use for your business! These are apps not only help streamline my process but also help me run my wedding photography business.

To share my Top Ten Favorite Apps, I have created a Freebie (who doesn’t love free stuff – whoo hoo)! Hop on over and download my Top 10 Apps for Peace, Planning and Productivity. In this guide, I walk you through each app, and why I love it so much (and how it has helped my business!)

Top 10 Apps for Wedding Photographers | Julie Wilhite Photography

One of my all-time favorite apps on the list? Wordswag! Wordswag is an awesome app that allows you to create professional-looking typography images with just a few clicks. I love using Wordswag to create a consistent look and feel for my business, specifically with my Instagram stories. Do you ever struggle with what to post to Instagram stories? Or how to make the graphics in your stories stand out from the crowd and truly portray your brand? I’m telling you – it is so, so easy to use! While you can lay out items in Photoshop or other more complicated design software, Wordswag makes it ridiculously quick and easy to create beautiful images to share. It instantly takes my graphics to the next level and gives a polished look to the more relaxed, behind-the-scenes nature of Instagram stories. And I am able to make beautiful images, that are on brand, in minutes. Plus, it’s only $4.99, and is worth every penny.

Here are a few tips for what to think about when using Wordswag in your business!

Top 10 Apps for Wedding Photographers | Julie Wilhite Photography

Keep your designs on brand.

With so many fonts and colors inside of Wordswag, it can get overwhelming! I recommend choosing 1-2 fonts to be consistent with your brand. They also have a feature where you can add your logo on each story, which can help brand your content. You can add the hex codes of your color palette too, to make sure it matches perfectly. By sticking with your brand guidelines, you can create fun and professional items, without hiring a graphic designer. Plus, Wordswag has over 290,000 free images for you to chose from, if you don’t have any of your own to start with. All you do is search for an image, and dozens of options will show up!

Make it legible.

Make sure the text is legible! Instagram stories are a quick 15 seconds, so it needs to be easy to read. And don’t be afraid to turn one story into multiple, to spread the text. This way, readers stay on longer and can easily read what you type without having to go back and re-watch. I also like to use the text feature to make announcements, like giving away a FREE $50 Starbucks gift card! By using big, bold text, I am able to capture my audience and keep them coming back for more. With WordSwag, you can easily make multiple stories and spread your message out. The images save directly on your phone, so you can upload them instantly.

It’s not just for Instagram Stories!

WordSwag can help you make images of any size, including Facebook Images, YouTube covers, and Pinterest pins! Which means you can easily make any graphic you need, right from your phone. I love being able to create graphics in various sizes, in half the time it would take using Photoshop. This is such an awesome tool to have at your fingertips – especially when you are traveling and might not have your computer with you. Whenever a great idea pops in your head – like a new Instagram story or a quote, you can open up the app, make the graphic, and post it all before finishing your first cup of coffee (and before opening your laptop to check emails!)

Top 10 Apps for Wedding Photographers | Julie Wilhite Photography

Don’t forget to check out my free guide – Top 10 Apps for Peace, Planning and Productivity! I hope these apps make running your business easier as they do for me!

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My Top Ten Favorite Apps (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


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