5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers



As a wedding photographer, you have probably heard the same thing over and over again: blogging is essential. You probably have a blog, and know you should update it, but never get around to it. I mean, why do you even need a blog? I believe that The MOST Important Thing You Need to Have a Thriving Wedding Photography Website is a blog!

Before I get started sharing the reasons why you need a blog as a wedding photographer – I wanted to share this quick (but important!) tip. If you are going to blog, you need to be consistent. I know this can be hard sometimes, but it’s so important! Consistency shows your client that you are an active business, and are always shooting new weddings. If a client shows up your blog, and you haven’t posted in a year, they might be less comfortable choosing you!

Decide how often you want to blog, and stick to it! I recommend twice a month. To make it even easier, pick a day that will be your blog day. Maybe it’s every other Tuesday! That way you remember to not just post a blog, but share it on social media.

Blogging is incredible for SEO

One of the easiest ways to increase your SEO ranking is by blogging. So how does it help? In order to move up the ranks, you need to be updating your website regularly. This shows Google that you are constantly creating fresh, and relevant, content. But updating your website every single month is a pain! That is where blogging comes in. When you create a blog post, you are providing fresh content for search engines to crawl through, and it helps them see that your website is important.

Blogging acts as a larger portfolio

Your blog is the perfect place to show off a larger portfolio! Updating your website each week, or even each season, can be a chore! Instead, you can make sure to have a new blog every month, or every other week. This will give prospective clients the newest weddings you shoot and give them more than just 1 Instagram photo. You can share the event from getting ready, to the grand exit. Showcasing your weddings can also show off your style, in a variety of lighting and locations.

Blogging helps you build vendor relationships

A blog can really help you build those essential vendor relationships. A wedding takes an incredible team of vendors to pull them off! So the vendors are just as excited to see the images as you are. Another great plus is it adds backlinks to the vendors’ websites. This is good for you since it shows Google you are connected to others in your area. And this is good for the vendor since backlinks to their website can increase their SEO rankings! Another benefit? It encourages vendors to share your blog on their social media! This in turn creates more free marketing for you, and gets your work in front of more brides. I think vendor connections are so important, I even made a free guide! My Guide, How To Get On Wedding Vendor Lists will help show you how to build these relationships, and increase your revenue!


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Blogging builds authority with brides and connects you with clients

As a wedding photographer, you are selling a highly personalized service. You are being let into your couple’s lives, at such an important moment. And they are trusting you every step of the way! When couples are looking for their wedding photographer, they are looking for someone they can connect with. Your blog can be the perfect place to really connect with them! This gives you the opportunity to share who you are, and your why. It also gives a couple a look into a full day of a wedding. From start to finish, you can share images to really captivate your client.

Another bonus? Posting a bride’s wedding on your blog gives an easy way for your client to share their wedding with family and friends! They can share it on Facebook, email it to friends, and spread the word of your business even further. Which is incredible free marketing! And isn’t that the best kind of marketing? Take the time to make great posts for your clients, share why you enjoyed working with them, and they’ll love the experience, and spread the word about you.

Blogging grows your Pinterest

Blogging and Pinterest go hand in hand. Every time you post a blog, make sure to also share the images on Pinterest! Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms since your content can live on and on, for years to come. And, fresh and new content is so important on Pinterest! So by taking the time to pin your blogs, you are not just growing your Pinterest, but it also increases the chances of getting client leads and inquiries. In fact, Pinterest is one of my favorite free ways to advertise your business!

It’s time to start blogging!

No matter where you are at in your photography business, you should start blogging! Even if you have taken quite a few months off, that is okay! Take a few hours next week to go through your past weddings and shoots, and start getting a schedule set up. Even in this season of life, it’s important to prioritize and focus on new inquiries, and the 2021 season.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers | Julie Wilhite Photography




5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential For Wedding Photographers


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