Top 5 Tips To ROCK Your Client Discovery Call

Top 5 Tips To ROCK Your Client Discovery Call



Let’s talk one of the most pivotal moments when it comes to booking a new client, the discovery call/meeting. Sometimes this happens in person, but more and more these days it happens over the phone or over video chat.
How do we let our personalities + confidence shine through over the phone?
How do we prevent coming off as awkward without being able to see each other’s faces?
Is there a framework for turning this inquiry into a happy customer?

Yes, there is! I follow a framework when I have a discovery call with a potential client that helps me maximize the opportunity to turn each sweet couple into an excited client. I don’t leave this opportunity to chance! Here are my top 5 tips for ROCKING that client discovery call.

Listen more than you speak.

This is hands down the MOST important part of a discovery call – NOT speaking. Counterintuitive, right?! But truly listening to your clients, getting to know them + hear what they are looking for in their wedding photography experience is one of THE best ways to find out if you are the best fit for each other and how to turn them into raving clients. I start off every call asking them to tell me a little bit about themselves – how did you meet? What do you love to do together? How did he propose? What is your vision for your wedding day – how do you want your guests to celebrate with you?


Confidently tell them your story.

Then comes the time where I tell them a little bit more about me. I probably struggled the most with this part when I was first starting out – “I love photographing love!” was probably my canned response. Include stories about yourselves. Tell them your WHY behind your love of photographing weddings. Tell them stories about what it is like to work with you as their photographer. Make sure to tell them your goals on their wedding day. Tell them what makes working with YOU different than someone else.


Walk them through their wedding day and what coverage you recommend.

This is your chance to add value to their wedding day experience and share your knowledge on how to make their day flow effortlessly. There are specific questions I ask here and lead them through what their day would look like from a photography perspective. This is SUPER helpful for your client, shows them you are knowledgeable, and helps them know you will show them how to set you up for success to create the most beautiful images possible of their wedding!


Make recommendations.

I think as wedding professionals, we can sometimes forget that this is the first time our clients have ever been married (ha!) and they need our help. It is our job to make recommendations, tell them what they need in order to set you up for success as their wedding photographer. You are the expert! Don’t be afraid to tell them what you need!


End every client discovery call with sending a booking proposal.

This is always my goal. By the end of the call/meeting, you should have a good idea of what your couple will need for their wedding day. Confidently say you will follow up the meeting with a booking proposal with the collection you feel best fits their needs to make it super easy for them to move forward when they are ready. Make it simple for them!


Remember, how you approach this potential client call/meeting, the experience you are creating – this shows the couple what it would be like to work with you. First impressions are everything!!

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In my upcoming course, I’m going to dive in deep to what my specific framework is for turning inquiries into clients and specifically how to lead your clients through their discovery call with you. No longer will you have anxiety for the hour before your call or meeting with a client, but will approach each meeting for having an exciting new opportunity to create beautiful memories for a couple! And next time you book a couple, make sure to get my Customizable Wedding Questionnaire! This includes the exact questionnaire that I use for all of my wedding couples to make sure we set their day up for success in creating the most beautiful images possible of their wedding.
The Top 5 Tips to Rock Your Client Discovery Call | Julie Wilhite




Top 5 Tips To ROCK Your Client Discovery Call


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