How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue

How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue

How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue



In the spirit of the holiday, I want to talk about one thing: gratitude. That is a word that is thrown around a lot this time of year, which I love. However, I think it’s easy to think to ourselves…another person talking about gratitude, NEXT.

Here’s the thing: gratitude can be incredibly powerful in your business. In fact, practicing gratitude is one of the ways I have majorly grown my business.

Here are the 3 tangible ways gratitude has helped me book more weddings, grow my business, and radically changed the way I approach my workday (and how you can do it too!).

Give Client Thank You Gifts

This may seem like an obvious one, but this is huge. After I book a new client, I always always send them a thank you gift with a handwritten note. This creates an exceptional client experience which not only honors your clients, but also helps you increase referrals.

I encourage you to find a gift that is easy for you to send, matches your branding, and evokes emotions + excitement for your client.

My go-to gifting company is called Teak & Twine, but there are a ton of creative ways you can express your gratitude. (Use code JulieWilhite10 at checkout to save 10%).

How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue

Always, Always Thank The People Who Refer You

Equally important as showing gratitude to your new clients is showing gratitude to the people who refer you!

Anytime someone refers you, whether it’s a florist, event planner, DJ, whoever, you should show your appreciation and gratitude. Not only do these create a good relationship, but they are much more likely to continue sending referrals your way.

You can show your appreciation in a variety of ways: an email, a call, a handwritten note, a thoughtful gift. Acknowledgment and gratitude are what is important here.

Another thing I encourage you to do is share your images with the vendors who refer you, and let them know when you submit your photos for publications. These are extra little steps that can go a long way.

Bottom line: Share your gratitude and your referrals won’t slow down.

Implement a Daily Gratitude Practice

Before you roll your eyes here, trust me on this one. Implementing a daily (yes, daily) gratitude practice can and will help grow your business.

How? It is so easy to get caught in the game of comparison / I’ll be happy when I make X number of dollars / I should be doing more. When you’re in this scarcity mindset, good stuff (ie more money, more clients, more referrals, more success) doesn’t come your way.

BUT, when you’re in a mindset of abundance, or I’m so happy for the clients that I have now / I am grateful for the amount of trust my clients have in me to shoot their big day / I am so dang thankful that I get paid to do what I love, good shit comes your way.

I’ve been practicing daily gratitude for almost a year now, and I have to tell you: it works. My business has never been more successful, I have booked more brides in one year than ever before, and gratitude has been a BIG part of this (as well as my client thank you gifts + showing gratitude to my referrals).

So, grab your notebook and write down 5 things every single day that you’re grateful for before you start your workday.

I am so grateful for you showing up and being part of my community.


How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue | Julie Wilhite Photography




How Gratitude Helped Me Book More Weddings + Increase Revenue


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