Julie Wilhite runs a 6-figure wedding photography business. A creative entrepreneur, Julie guides wedding photographers to create profitable and fulfilling businesses without sacrificing their well-being. Julie operates on one truth: you don’t have to embrace the overwhelm.

A cuddle loving mama to her young sons and wife to Chris, Julie is a devoted Austinite, breakfast taco fanatic, passionate cook + lover of weeknight wine. 

Julie creates online courses and provides powerful 1:1 coaching and hosts a Facebook community for wedding photographers on their journey to align and thrive.

Julie’s insatiable appetite for learning means multiple books on the bedside table and a rotating list of podcasts covering every topic possible. Julie attends and also speaks at conferences, events and is a guest on podcasts.

 "The Up Factor/ Sophie Epton Workshop"

How to hone your photography skills and develop your brand.

My journey to creating a multi 6 figure wedding photography business and a life I love even more than breakfast tacos with her boys. Topics include:
How to create a 6-figure wedding photography business without it ruining your life.
Escaping the overwhelm. Creating and embracing space.
How to continue to push, grow and fuel your creative spark.

Creating a multi six-figure wedding photography business - without the overwhelm.

some of the topics julie can cover at your event:

Signature Talks

Topics include:
Doing the hard things, staying in your lane and embracing the unknown.

Feeding your creative soul.
Mindset. Slay the demons. You are always enough.

Wellness: embracing gratitude and designing a life with intention

Topics include:
How to really hone into your photography skills, and grow your business.
The best ways to develop your brand, and network with ease.

I’m Julie, and I run a multi 6-figure wedding photography business. I’m not here to toot my horn, because I’ve made all the mistakes: burnout, exhaustion, guilt, doubt and overload. My business was soaring but my wellbeing was priority 6,347. I made a promise to myself, my family and to my business: I am the priority.

Whether my students are struggling to stay on top, ready to set up shop, or all set to stretch and grow their business to a new level, my online courses and 1:1 coaching shows them how to align + thrive and build their six-figure wedding photography business.


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- caroline

After almost a decade as a business owner, it was truly refreshing to listen to how well Julie Wilhite handles a demanding business while making time for her personal life. Her ability to master a work-life balance and to become an unstoppable entrepreneur is inspiring. Julie's talk was a great reminder of how important it is to keep a positive mindset, be grateful and never let the love we have for our business slip away.

It was truly refreshing to listen to how well Julie Wilhite handles a demanding business while making time for her personal life.

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