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you can have a thriving wedding photography business + full wedding calendar + work with your dream clients. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW.

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I run a multiple 6-figure wedding photography business. I’m not here to toot my horn, because I’ve made all the mistakes: burnout, exhaustion, guilt, doubt and overload. I spent years drowning in the noise and chasing the shiny fixes until I discovered how to build a successful + profitable + flourishing business without it consuming every aspect of my life.

Using the techniques I applied and ACTUALLY worked for me + I’m ready to guide you to build your wildly successful business + side-step the mistakes I made.  

Whether you are ready to start your photography business or up-level your existing business + become a better photographer or make more money, my online courses and 1:1 coaching will guide you to focus + thrive and build your six-figure wedding photography business. 

You might be wondering when is the right time to up level your business? My answer is if it’s not now, then when? Let’s get moving.



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- amy

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs who help each other with our businesses, so there are always a myriad of things that need to be done daily. Between focusing on clients and personal goals, there always seems to be a need for more hours in the day. I booked a coaching program with Julie because I wanted to gain business insight from a true wedding photography expert, who has a huge level of success in Austin.

With her guidance, my business has continued to grow despite the Covid-19 crisis.


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Starting out or gearing up for the next level? My Business Beginnings Bootcamp and Booking Bootcamp are tailor made for you. Work smarter, not harder + make money in your business now. It’s your time to shine.


Bring your full self to the table. Let’s get real and focus on you and your business. Just you and me. It’s a safe place, nothing is off-limits. Let’s double down, find solutions for your challenges and capitalize on your opportunities + build your business. 

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Access the tools I use in my business to streamline my workflow (and give me more free time). From presets to questionnaires, cull your editing time and simplify your business. Ready to focus your time where it matters most?

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A curated selection of my free resources to further guide you in your wedding photography business. Resources for business growth, photography skills, wowing clients and building relationships with key vendors. Plus, my ‘go-to’ selection of must have software for any wedding photographer.

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When I started my photography business in 2009, I did everything possible to make it successful. Working every day and night and before long I was making more money than I ever dreamed possible. 

My glory came with a huge reality check. I was ready to start a family, and my husband told me I didn’t have time for children. I realized the business I’d built didn’t align with the future I wanted. I always pictured myself as a mom, a loving wife, running my 6-figure business.

It was time for big decisions: my life and my business had to change. I started my transformation, re-building yet maintaining my thriving business where my family now came first. These days I work with inspiring people who fulfill me + my business makes more money than it ever did. 

Your future self may be different from mine. It doesn’t matter because the most important thing is to decide what fulfills you, then build your business around it. I can guide you on your path to a profitable business and a life serving you. 

It’s time for you to believe in you. Because I sure do. If you are starting your business, ready to leap off the roller coaster and take control, or ready to level up and take it off the charts, I am thrilled to guide you on your journey to your abundant life. 

hi, I'm Julie

You’re amazing and you deserve the life of your dreams.

Let go of the noise + let me be your guide + re-focus and align your business + your life + make money + support the life you crave + the same way I did. 


After a year of teaching myself photography, I became exhausted from sifting through differing opinions on shooting technique, business structure, the best gear, etc. I knew it was time to find a mentor who could help me work through the technical issues I was having, and I'm so glad I picked Julie. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking a comprehensive (and tailored!) source of guidance, information, and even moral support.  Such a huge help! Thank you for everything, Julie!

With years of experience in the wedding field, she was a completely open book to help!

- Margaret

Having Julie help me with my social media presence was one of the best things I’ve done for my business in a long time. For the longest time I would just post an image I liked to Instagram, with no thought to who my audience was, no thought to how it could help me. Wasn't just a link to your website enough? It wasn’t until I made the leap and sat down with Julie, that I realized I could be doing so much more for my business. Within a week of following Julie’s plan, I gained followers that really saw my work the way it should be seen.

It’s a very vulnerable thing to ask someone, especially another professional photographer, to look at your work and give you feedback. But Julie made the whole process very comfortable.

- Janeane

I had such a wonderful time during our one on one mentoring. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated Julie sharing her experience and knowledge with me. My business and photography have a more clear direction than ever before, and I feel much more confident in moving forward. I'm in love with the new ideas Julie gave me for branding and packaging and I'm excited to upgrade my client experience. I have already begun incorporating some of the things we discussed, and I can already see a positive difference.

More than anything I'm grateful for Julie’s friendship, honesty, and her confidence in me and my business. 


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