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As a wedding photographer for over 14 years (and counting!), I spent most of that time relying on wedding bookings as my sole source of photography revenue. I would book one client, then the next one, then the next one. I would panic when bookings slowed down or paused for a time—but the stream would […]

1. Increase Your Photography Revenue With Wedding Add-Ons


If you’re a photographer that made it through 2020, then chances are you’ve said to yourself, “I really want to find other ways to generate income,” maybe, more than a few times. How could we not? The last few years have caused sleepless nights as we had to endure cancellations, financial loss, and exhaustion.  When the pandemic hit, […]

Free Guide: Maximize Your Photography Income


2020 has been a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Like you, I went into 2020 with so many goals, so many dreams. And while this year was a little bit rough, it is still so important to take a step back and look at it. To review the year, and create new strategic goals so you can […]


The end of the year always seems to come and go in the snap of your fingers. If you have been part of my community for a while, then you have heard me talk about just how important referrals are to your photography business. Great relationships with vendors + ongoing appreciation = more referrals. And […]


For years, I tried creating goals in my business and they just never really stuck. I would set a goal, work towards it for a short period of time, then I would get busy or lose connection to it, and the goal would fall to the side. Can you relate? I got to a point where I […]

How To Set Goals For Your Photography Business That Will Actually Stick


I often get asked by photographers and creatives what are my favorite apps for my iPhone. And while I like to use my phone with intention, there are some incredible apps you can use for your business! These are apps not only help streamline my process but also help me run my wedding photography business. […]

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