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As a wedding photographer, print sales are easily my favorite income stream. With these sales, I can make money in my sleep! What’s not to love about that? It wasn’t always like this, though. Several years ago, I relied on a single income stream from photographing weddings. I wasn’t taking advantage of all the ways […]

The Steps To Generate More Revenue With Print Sales As a Photographer


As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly working with new clients who have just started their families. They may begin their journey as a family of two (or three or four if you count fur babies!), but often, new additions to the family are just down the road. The arrival of a newborn opens up a […]

2. Diversify Your Photography Income With Portrait Sessions


Incorporating wedding album sales into my business model has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my photography business. Three years ago, I watched my sole income stream—photographing weddings—evaporate overnight as the pandemic forced all my clients to postpone their celebrations. Not only that, but I soon found myself in $20,000 of credit card […]

3. How to Maximize Your Photography Income With Wedding Album Sales


As a wedding photographer for over 14 years (and counting!), I spent most of that time relying on wedding bookings as my sole source of photography revenue. I would book one client, then the next one, then the next one. I would panic when bookings slowed down or paused for a time—but the stream would […]

1. Increase Your Photography Revenue With Wedding Add-Ons


If you’re a photographer that made it through 2020, then chances are you’ve said to yourself, “I really want to find other ways to generate income,” maybe, more than a few times. How could we not? The last few years have caused sleepless nights as we had to endure cancellations, financial loss, and exhaustion.  When the pandemic hit, […]

Free Guide: Maximize Your Photography Income


I recently had the honor to be interviewed by Canvas Rebel as part of their stories & insights feature. This series interviews the top photographers and creatives in the industry, and highlights their stories. Inside my article, I got to share how I got started as a wedding photographer and what I’ve learned over the […]


As a business coach for wedding photographers, I know how important it is to review your year, and set goals and intentions for the new year. But I also know it can be so hard to set these without a guide! That is why I created this free guide: Year In Review + Goal Setting […]

Year In Review for 2022 And Goal Setting For 2023 - Free workbook for wedding photographers


One of my 2020 couples had a big wedding planned last spring. There were going to be hundreds of guests at a really unique industrial venue downtown. Like so many other 2020 couples, they had to change plans. At one point, they were so devastated, they actually canceled. Their wedding venue was closing down and […]

How to Book + Capture Intimate Weddings


If you are like me, the first part of the year is slightly slower for weddings. The thing about the slow season is…not having as many weddings on the books means that there is not as much money flowing in. And friend, it is so dang easy to let the fear creep in when the money […]

How To Make The Most Of The Slow Season


I recently shared everything that’s inside my wedding styling kit. If you haven’t had a chance to look at that blog post, I highly recommend it. Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I have created quite the collection of style shoot props. I even included links to all of my favorite […]

My Top 5 Tips for Styled Wedding Shoots

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