How a $300 Wedding Started My Career

How a $300 Wedding Started My Career

How a $300 Wedding Started My Career



When I first started my business over 10 years ago, I had no previous experience of owning a business. Both of my parents were self-employed and besides a healthy fear of tax season, I was no more prepared than anyone else to start a business. I posted on craigslist and booked my first wedding for $300. Yes, you read that right. $300! Fast forward twelve years, one big move to a city where no one knew my name to restart my business, two children (that I paid for their births in cash) + me supporting my family with my six-figure wedding photography business.

I was supposed to be in Mexico with my family for the month of July. This was a huge dream of mine and I had been planning for the last year. As you know life had other plans for us this year. I had to postpone our trip to next year. So instead of vacation, I thought I would do something I have also been dreaming of – create something to help others.

As I started coaching other photographers last year, I realized that I was answering many of the same questions. I also realized that there was a path I had intentionally chosen to get to where I am today. There was a step-by-step system.

A proven system to getting my career started.

I’m not special, I wasn’t even that good of a photographer in the beginning. But there are things I have chosen to concentrate on that have brought me to where I am today. With a wedding photography business where I have the great honor of capturing amazing couple’s wedding days, working with incredibly talented vendors, receiving daily inquiries for future weddings (yes, even now), photographing 36 weddings in 2019 + earning multiple six figures. 

I created a freebie last year about something I feel passionate about, learning how to have a thriving photography business while still taking care of my health + wellness. I called it “How to Shoot 25+ Weddings a Year & Thrive.” The feedback from fellow creative + photographers was overwhelmingly positive, but again and again, I heard people say “I loved your freebie, it was incredibly helpful for knowing how to take care of myself while being a business owner. But I have a follow-up question – how do you book 25+ weddings in a year?” Wow.

How to Shoot 25+ Weddings a Year & Thrive [FREE GUIDE]

Again and again, people asked me this. And it really convinced me to dig deep and ask HOW have I been successful and HOW can I share these with others so they can do the same? That is when the Booking Bootcamp: How to Book 25+ Weddings A Year was born. A dream to help you to create a thriving photography business + still have the life of your dreams. It’s possible. I’m proof.

Looking for the free guide? Get yours here! 

Let me talk some truth talk here. These are unique times and you may think – really? Now is the time to create a course? But what I have to come to is that now is the EXACT time to create a course. Now when we all have more space + time than ever before and it won’t last forever. This is your opportunity to get the systems in place (that I will walk you through) so that when things get moving again you are ready to GROW LIKE CRAZY.

How a $300 Wedding Started My Career




How a $300 Wedding Started My Career


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