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What’s In My Wedding Styling Kit

What’s In My Wedding Styling Kit



When I first started shooting weddings, styled detailed images weren’t really something I did. I would shoot the details, of course, but not in a strategic or planned out way. In fact, I would often spend way too much time looking for a good spot at the wedding venue to shoot details. Talk about stressful! Anyone else been there?

Until I attended another photographer’s workshop and she told us she brought her own styling kit to every wedding.

Life. Changing.

What I quickly learned was that bringing your own styling kit to a wedding was keyAnd with the right props and tools all in one place, styling can be incredibly FUN, and creativity can flow. A handful of wedding photographers have reached out to me asking what’s inside the styled shoot bag that I literally lug with me to every wedding, so I figured I’d give you a peek inside. Let’s start unpacking.

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1. Styling Surfaces / Boards

This is SUPER important. Having good boards or styling surfaces is one of the most important pieces for making your job easier for styling on the wedding day. You can find really nice double-sided linen boards from places like Heirloom Bindery, or you can make your own. Boards can add up real quick in price, especially when they get dirty at weddings, so I have been trying to make my own with fabric from this Etsy shop. And girl, I’m not crafty at. all.

2. Vintage Stamps

I LOVE me some vintage stamps and have a collection of different colors and designs to use in different shoots. All of mine have come from Etsy. I tend to lean towards more floral designs, with hints of pinks and blues. I use them to compliment the different pieces from the bride, not take away from them.

3. Ribbons

Ribbon is a great element for styled images and adds movement and texture to your detail shots, and I include one in just about every one of my invitation detail shots. I have everything from traditional ribbons, to thicker velvet ribbons to copper ribbons. But you’d be surprised how often I use a simple, white ribbon as to not take away from any of the other details. I have purchased ribbon from a handful of different places, with Etsy and Adorn being two of my favorite spots.

What's In My Wedding Styling Kit - The top 5 things you need to have in your styling kit

4. Tools for Layering + Adding Height

Adding height to some of your flat pieces creates different layers to the invitation suite and adds visual interest (and also prevents the ribbing effect you can sometimes see in your images when shooting on linen!). I use stacks of acrylic risers from this Etsy shop, my ring boxes or even strips of staples to create different layers with paper invites, envelopes, etc.

What's In My Wedding Styling Kit - The top 5 things you need to have in your styling kit

5. Ring Boxes + Dishes

Ring boxes are great to have in a variety of different colors. Like the boards, ring boxes can be a big investment, so start I like to start with neutral tones so I can use them more often. I have a Mrs. Box, that I love, but I have also found great boxes on Etsy (of course) and even Amazon. I recently purchased a white one that I’m loving!

Okay, what questions do you have for me? Or tips, even? I would love love love to hear from you. Comment below or send me an email.

What's In My Wedding Styling Kit - The top 5 things you need to have in your styling kit

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What’s In My Wedding Styling Kit


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