The Revive Collective

The Revive Collective



Community is one of the most important parts of running my business. And it’s not just a community with my fellow wedding vendors – but a community of those all around the country! That is why the Revive Collective is something I am so passionate about. I am one of the founders of this incredible retreat, and it has been such an honor seeing it flourish. The Revive Collective group created for creative women to connect, inspire + grow in their lives and businesses.

Along with Jenna McElroy and Beth Walker, the other two incredible founders, we thought long and hard about how we wanted to show up for our community in 2021 with the current challenges we are all facing. So that is why the Revive Collective is going virtual for January 2021! This in-person retreat is turning into an online gathering, that will be set up in four-parts. Each week in January, there will be a different speaker, along with a Q+A session, so you can ask any questions you have.

This virtual conference is designed for you to walk away with tangible business tools, exciting new relationships, and a whole Austin-sized dose of female leadership and inspiration! To celebrate this incredible event, I asked my fellow founders a few questions about the Revive Collective, and what this means to them.

The Revive Collective

Founder Jenna McElroy

First, I chat with Jenna McElroy. Jenna a photographer specializing in brand, family & commercial photography, and a business coach where she gets to help others create a business and life they love!

What made you want to start the Revive Collective?
The Revive Collective was a dream to create community, strength and learning for Austin women. I wanted something to help entrepreneur women feel connected, seen, and propel their businesses to the next level through connection and tangible tools. The Revive Collective is for women looking to grow personally and professionally, all while connecting with fellow badass women.

What was your biggest takeaway from our first Revive in 2020 & What are you most excited about for 2021?
The Austin community of women is AMAZING. There are so many badass women, companies, businesses, and ideas just waiting to come to fruition. I am SO excited to gather with fellow women looking to REVIVE their lives & businesses after the curveball 2020 was for everyone!

What do you hope someone walks away with after Revive 2021?
I hope they walk away knowing that THEY CAN DO IT, and WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! There is a community waiting to support you and help make all those dreams come true.

Founder Beth Walker

Beth is the owner of 36th Street Events, an upscale creative planning, event design styling & production company in Austin. For over ten years, she has created unforgettable events that celebrate one of the most beautiful things in this world.

What made you want to start the Revive Collective?
Community is my number one draw to creating The Revive Collective. There are so many inspiring, talented, and just wonderful women here in Austin! So, why not find community and support together?

What was your biggest takeaway from our first Revive in 2020 & What are you most excited about for 2021?
I took away how much this community is needed.  So many women naturally put others first and this was such a wonderful way to do something for yourself.  To take time to really think about what matters at the start of a new year and put those dreams into action. The women we are bringing in for the virtual conference this year is incredible. These women understand the hardships we are facing and I’m excited about the content and tangible tools they will be sharing!

What do you hope someone walks away with after Revive 2021?
Inspiration, support, growth! And, just knowing that you have a community that is here to support you in 2021 and beyond.

The Revive Collective Founders

Join us at the Revive Collective

We have three speakers lined up – Mélissa Peng, D’Arcy Benincosa, and Janice Omadeke! These incredibly inspiring + motivating women will be talking on marketing, branding, diversity & inclusion and creating a concrete plan for moving into 2021 with confidence and ease. Plus, there will be 30-Minute Q&As following each of the presentations with the speaker to ask all of your deeper questions about how to truly make a change in your business.

Pretty incredible right?! January will be here before you know it – so make sure to get your tickets now!




The Revive Collective


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