Why Community Is So Important

Why Community Is So Important



After the last twelve years of owning my business, I can confidently say that surrounding myself with people that I call my “wedding family” has been the single most important thing I have done for my business. It has helped me grow in leaps + bounds. It has helped me target my ideal client and work with them over + over. And, it has genuinely made owning my own business just way more fun.

I can remember when I first moved to Austin. I was sitting in this cutie 800-square-foot duplex surrounded by boxes and I didn’t know a soul in the Austin wedding market. After I threw my toys for a bit and maybe shed a few tears of frustration, I got to work. I knew that sitting by myself in my apartment working on my computer all day was NOT going to grow my business. And really? It just isn’t that much fun.

Having a community has allowed me to:

Grow my business through referrals.

Which is a smarter way to get referrals because they come to you already knowing something about you and having a certain amount of trust in you since you were referred to them by a friend or colleague. It’s a win/win!

Grow my business through shared knowledge.

Have you heard the saying – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn.

I intentionally surround myself with people that are motivated + driven like me and who also have a generally positive/abundant perspective on life. Just the other day, I got a text from my good friend who said “HAVE YOU DOWNLOADED CLUBHOUSE YET?!” If you are living under a rock like I was, it’s a new networking/community app that is all the rage right now (rest assured you will hear more from me about it in the future!). But how amazing is that? Having forward-thinking, passionate people helps ME to be a more forward-thinking, passionate individual. It’s another win/win!

Why Community Is So Important

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In times of trouble, the community comes together to find a solution.

When COVID-19 rocked the wedding world in a matter of days last spring, you better believe that I was on the phone with many of my fellow wedding frendors + photographers day and night. We talked and shared information. Helping talk through how to be there for our clients, but also protect our businesses and our own families, literally saved me. I honestly don’t know if I would still be here if it were not for some of the advice my friends gave me during that challenging time.

It’s more fun with friends.

I’m an “introverted extrovert”. This means I love a few good days by myself. But at a certain point, I crave the energy + companionship of other individuals. Having margaritas with my community and talking through the hard parts of what it is like to own a business + also being able to celebrate our big wins with someone else is priceless.

We can help each other.

Want to create new imagery to elevate your portfolio? Or have a creative vision for something outside the box? Community bands together and helps make those dreams come true!

Ask for referrals.

Looking for a new VA? Looking for a second shooter in a new city? A community can help!

I share all of this to show you how important the community you surround yourself can be to the longevity and success of your business. That is why I want you to jump in and join the Focus + Thrive Community! I’ll be sharing weekly training + knowledge as well as encouraging community amongst everyone in the community!

Focus + Thrive - A Community for Photographers

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Why Community Is So Important


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