Three Things To Do On Pinterest NOW!

Three Things To Do On Pinterest NOW!

Three Things To Do On Pinterest NOW!



The #1 way I bring traffic to my website (other than direct traffic) is Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest! Pinterest is not just for recipes. It’s an incredible platform, where weddings really are growing more and more each day! And one of the things I love most is how long Pinterest content lives on. Something I pinned a few years ago will still get my website traffic!

One thing to keep in mind with Pinterest is that the results do take some time.  Think of your Pinterest marketing as being more similar to your search engine optimization efforts. It takes some time to get it going, but once you do, it is so worth it! But as a wedding photographer, you might be asking yourself: where do I even get started? That is why I am here to share the top three things you can do on Pinterest, NOW! All of these can be implemented in just 30 minutes, today. So what are you waiting for!



Make your Pinterest a business profile and set up rich pins

The first step is easy! Make sure your Pinterest is a business profile. This will open up Analytics, that will allows you to see how your pins do, and let you adjust your strategy each month. And it is so easy to do! Just go to to make the switch. They will walk you through how to set it up, in just a few minutes.

Once your profile is a business profile, you will want to apply for Rich Pins. Rich Pins are Pins with extra information added to the Pin itself. This way, when you blog weddings, it will pull all of your website information into each pin! This is a really good way for Pinterest to see that you’re pinning quality content and to know where it’s coming from on the web for Pinterest. Rich Pins are one of the best ways to help you rise in the ranks on Pinterest, and grow your audience. You can find the steps to set this up, here!

Get Tailwind

Did you know that you can have Pinterest run on auto-pilot?! Gone are the days where you had to sit on Pinterest for hours a day, pinning all day long. The key to a successful Pinterest is consistency. You need to be pinning every day, all day. That is where Tailwind comes in!

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner scheduling tool, that lets you pin consistently, all day. Think of Tailwind like Planoly for Instagram. Not only does Tailwind schedule pins out for you automatically, but it also lets you post at strategic times, that will capture your ideal audience right when they are on Pinterest. We will talk about how often to pin, on step three.

You “Pin” items using Tailwind, and Tailwind automatically puts them out at the time you scheduled it to. This means you can get a whole week of content scheduled, in 30 minutes. And, it will pin at the right times, all day long. And that is pretty awesome, my friend!

Set Up A Schedule

Once you sign up for Tailwind, you will want to set up a schedule. Their automatic scheduler helps pick the best times for you to pin, and automatically pins them at that time. I recommend pinning 8-12 times per day – you don’t have to pin 100 pins a day to get incredible results! You don’t want to be too spammy. So instead of having to pin dozens of times per day, you can keep it to 8-12 per day.

Quick Tip: To save the most time, get the Tailwind extension for your browser. This will let you pin directly from any page, anytime, and add right into Tailwind directly!  This is available for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

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Three Things To Do On Pinterest NOW - in just 30 minutes




Three Things To Do On Pinterest NOW!


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