How To Make The Most Of The Slow Season

How To Make The Most Of The Slow Season

How To Make The Most Of The Slow Season



If you are like me, the first part of the year is slightly slower for weddings. The thing about the slow season is…not having as many weddings on the books means that there is not as much money flowing in. And friend, it is so dang easy to let the fear creep in when the money isn’t there.

After 10+ years of being in this business, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the spring will come like a mack truck. It always does. Every. single. year.

So, rather than letting fear rear its ugly head and paralyze you, I encourage you to make the most of the slow season. Here are a few ideas to take advantage of this slow time (good news: real clothes are optional for most of these!)

5 ways to make most of the slow season

  1. Update your portfolio/website: This is such a great time to update your website and add new photos to your portfolio. A good website refresh is a great way to showcase your work + attract new clients.
  2. Network like a boss. Sis! Get out there and pound that pavement as we talked about last week. Go to open houses, connect with venue managers + vendors, and expand your community.
  3. Nurture Yourself. What can you do to show yourself some love? A massage? Extra bubble baths? A night out with your girlfriends? This is a great time for some self-care!
  4. Continuing education. Now is the time to do research in any area of business. Have you wanted to start an email list, but haven’t had the time to do more research into it? Now’s the time! The same goes for additional photography training + education. I am so passionate about always continue to grow, both in your personal life, and in your business life. Through my coaching sessions and courses, I help students unleash their creativity and business genius + transform their business.
  5. A creative project just for yourself. Think of something you’ve always wanted to photograph…or maybe it has nothing to do with photography at all. Regardless, start a project that fills you up. I promise when you fill yourself up, you will have more to give when busy season starts again.

Okay, friend. Take a deep breath. This is a season and it will always be followed by another season. How can you take advantage of this time to do something you’ve been putting off?

5 ways to make most of the slow season

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How To Make The Most Of The Slow Season


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