Featured: Canvas Rebel

Featured: Canvas Rebel



I recently had the honor to be interviewed by Canvas Rebel as part of their stories & insights feature. This series interviews the top photographers and creatives in the industry, and highlights their stories. Inside my article, I got to share how I got started as a wedding photographer and what I’ve learned over the last 14 years! From how to pivot and adjust, to how to create work that fulfills me, we cover it all.

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As a wedding photographer and business coach, I know how important it is to reflect on where you have been, in order to create your path going forward. When I first started in the wedding photography business, I had my camera and so much enthusiasm. I was just so excited to get started and learn everything! I hustled day and night to make this dream become a full-time job. However, this non-stop hustle and money didn’t make me happy. It wasn’t my true definition of success. So, I have spent the last few years transforming my business into a multiple six-figure business that brings in joy! 

And while the pandemic changed the industry, and we are still feeling the impact, it has taught me some incredible lessons. First, I learned how to not just increase my pricing, but also elevate our overall client experience. As you increase your pricing, your clients need to be served even better! Second, I learned how to have multiple streams of income. Passive income has been a game-changer in my business! I never want my sole income to come from events but also come from passive sources that allowed me freedom.

Julie Wilhite, interviewed on Canvas Rebel

Business Coaching For Photographers

I am constantly checking in with myself and asking myself these questions: What fulfills me as an artist? How can I create work that I am proud of? How can I continue to uplevel and grow my business?

This allows me to reach bigger goals, while also making sure I am constantly aligned with my desire to put family first. If you are looking to transform you business, without surfacing your life in the process, I would love to work with you! Whether you need a single two-hour strategy call to get things started, or long-term coaching, I have options to fit your needs. It’s time for the next step, my friend!

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Featured: Canvas Rebel


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